Multiple Sclerosis may cause heat intolerance

Our doctors did not tell us about this treatment.

I used to think my wife was tired of hanging out with me when she always needed to go in the house on days when it was somewhat hot out. “You know we are living in the wrong state if you can’t handle this heat” I used to tell her.

About ten months ago, as I was attempting to diagnose the cause of her blindness I stumbled across several articles citing that heat intolerance is a very common occurrence with people with multiple sclerosis.

Since Amy’s treatment she has spent at least an hour or two in the sun everyday without issue. Although it is only the end of April and my Midwest and Northern friends may find it hard to imagine, but we have had some hot days already.

Stem Cell Transplantation has the highest success rate for those early in the disease progression. Our doctors did not tell us about this treatment. It took Facebook and blogs like this to get educated. #payitforward

International Trial Results

Doctors on Sunday hailed what they say is a major breakthrough in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, halting progress of the disease and relieving symptoms in some patients.

My wife was in Mexico over half way through her HSCT treatment when the results of an international trial on stem cell transplant treatment was released. After reading the results of the study, one of her Mexican doctors said to her “now you can say that you had stem cell therapy before it was cool”.  I must add he said this in perfect English.

After reading about the results of the study via the link below, I knew the news was big. According to the study,  stem cell transplantation had a failure rate of 6% versus a 60% failure rate when given the drug treatment.

The Journey Begins

Welcome to the HSCT for MS & other Autoimmune Diseases Blog. If you want to learn more about this medical procedure you came to the right place. My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in June of 2017 and had the procedure in March of 2018 in Mexico.

I created this blog because I wanted another source for those out there that may have been recently diagnosed, or know someone that has. Our doctor did not tell my wife about this procedure, and I have discovered this is quite common. There are also doctors that will tell their patients not to go through with the procedure. This is also quite normal especially with neurologists, so do not fear.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is a stem cell therapy where the stem cells are extracted from the body, the immune is killed with chemotherapy and then the stem cells are put back into the body so the immune system can be rebuild.  This has been found to stop the disease progression. In other even simpler words, the doctor presses Ctl-Alt-Delete and the immune system is reset.

This blog will coincide with my HSCT for MS Podcast. I will be interviewing people that have gone through with the procedure so listeners can hear first hand experiences of why they decided on HSCT, and where they went to have it done.

Thank you for your interest.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton