Give the dog a bone.

I am fairly certain I was a dog in a prior life. Like a dog, I constantly seek praise and need to be told I am a “good boy” every once in a while. I had not received any milk bones or table scraps for that matter from anything that I had written on this blog so I convinced myself that writing a book about our HSCT experience would reach a larger audience and spread the word about the procedure stopping MS dead in its tracks for the majority of the people that undergo the transplant.

So instead of writing on this blog, I focused on rewriting/editing a memoir about Amy’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis and stem cell transplant. Out of curiosity I came back and recently checked my stats for the HSCT.BLOG website and was surprised to see it has been receiving views from all over the world. I decided it was time to reinvest myself in this blog and start reaching out where ever and whenever I had the opportunity.

A young man from Canada reached out to me after he saw a response I had written to Selma Blair on her Instagram post after she announced she was diagnosed with MS. He told me what I had written was great and after we chatted several times he told me he signed up to have HSCT in Mexico in April.

So this old dog got his bone.